Soccer Field
The Star Soccer Academy is centered on the individual player. This premier soccer academy is offered to players seeking supplemental training to their recreational or club team practices. Players will learn age appropriate development activities, which will include progression based techniques. Techniques will include dribbling, controlling the ball, receiving, shooting, passing, and juggling. The player skill set will also incorporate speed, strength, fitness and tactical development.

Star Soccer Academy will be providing year round training.  We will offer supplement training 1 night per week in the fall, winter (indoor), and 1 night per week in the spring.  During the winter months we will locate our premier training indoors.  For the indoor session we will train and play 3v3 and 4 v 4 Futsal. Futsal is played in a gymnasium using the basketball court as the soccer field.  Futsal greatly enhances the players abilities and speed of play under pressure.

Our Mission is to provide the best training environment for  soccer players between the ages of 4 and 12 who  are dreaming of playing at the most competitive levels of the game. Whether your dreams are to play at the professional level, earn a college scholarship, or simply to secure your spot in a competitive team,  the Star Soccer Academy helps you build the foundation needed to attain your goals. We focus on all the fundamental aspects of the game and ensure through  fun and appropriate training sessions, that each individual player becomes technically proficient.

Players  learn age appropriate techniques through repetition and a progression based teaching method. Technical topics  include dribbling, controlling the ball, passing and receiving, shooting, heading, and juggling. We believe it to be of utmost importance for players to master these skills at an early age.  This results in a more confident player, who is creative and comfortable with the ball.  We also incorporate speed, strength, fitness, coordination training, and tactics as well.

Star Soccer Academy provides year round training.  We offer evening sessions in the Fall and Spring, one night per week.  In the winter months we move our training indoors where we practice and play 4v4 indoor soccer and futsal ( indoor soccer without using walls ). In the Summer, we host the Star Academy Camp.

Our staff is committed to maintaining a fun atmosphere where young soccer players are encouraged and properly instructed on how to improve their individual skills under professional guidance.

Through the Star Soccer Academy training, young children not only discover the fun of playing the wonderful game of soccer, they  also learn a way of developing good exercise habits that leads to a healthier and more productive lifestyle.

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