• Indoor training sessions are available for the winter months once or twice a week.  While your opponents take this time off, continue to develop your game all winter long and make sure you’ll have the edge when the spring season comes around.  Work on developing a better shot with your weak foot, improve your passing game, get better control of the ball, be a better 1v1 player.  Work on balance, coordination, agility, and speed-work.  Play 3v3 and 4v4 futsal, and stay fit while your opponents store their ball in their basement. 
  • Futsal is recognized worldwide as one of the most effective methods of teaching soccer skills to young players. It’s the most fun method as well.
  • Star Academy is proud to offer this essential winter training opportunity.  No serious competitive soccer player will spend 4 months without training.
  • Make sure you register early and save your spot for this program.  Space is limited for the indoor session.

Please contact us for more information

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